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See my updated results in bold 12/11! Surgery canceled, blood work stabilized and chronic pain gone.

Iím moved to create a challenge about using a variety of different modalities and technologies to improve the quality of your life and hopefully help you heal yourself.


1.    Iím pushing 47 and for the past 10 years or more Iíve been dealing with a progressively degenerating hip joint. Surgeons and doctors who reviewed my recent x-ray described it as ďhorrendous, significant, WOW, etc.Ē The joint is bone on bone in the weight bearing portion of the joint. There is no joint space left and no cartilage left. All agree that Iím a perfect candidate for surgery at any point. I canceled my hip replacement surgery that was scheduled for 7/11. I'm still feeling fantastic. The constant dull ache in my hip is gone as well as the joint and muscle pains that would keep me awake at night and afraid to move. My range of motion has improved 6 degrees and my limp is less noticeable. My 12/11 x-ray still showed bone on bone arthritis, but since I'm not having pain, I'm not having a major operation at age 47. Protandim is what made the biggest difference for me. I'm back to exercising and getting stronger.

2.    Iím trying to avoid cholesterol lowering medications as well as fighting elevated triglycerides. I intended to do diet and exercise modifications, but they never happened. Instead, I was getting certified in the Emotion Code Energy Work and was practicing on myself. After 3 1/2 months, my total cholesterol was down 25%, my LDL down 31% and my LP(a) down 73%. While the numbers have fluctuated over the years, I've stayed in the normal range.

3.    Entering midlife and the changes and challenges it brings. I'm still not very far into the midlife changes, but am researching bio-identical hormones. 

4.    Ruptured the L5-S1 disc in my back through a series of accidents. After the last accident, the pain was constant, horrible sciatic nerve pain, plus numbness in 3/4ths of my right foot. Did a variety of alternative options until that final injury forced me into surgery. My back surgery was successful. My sciatic nerve was severely tented by the ruptured disc that it was significantly inflammed and irritated. I used Pulse Magnetic Field Therapy (MRS 2000) to decrease the inflammation and promote the healing process. My acupuncturist said my recovery was remarkable. My range of motion in my back improved once I started taking the Protandim. Summary of all the other key things that helped me are located in this article. There are so many great natural things out there that can help your body heal itself. 

For the past 3 years, Iíve been researching and testing a variety of natural and alternative products, healing methods and technologies. Iíve been compiling a website of information, research and tried and true things that have worked with an emphasis on helping people mindlessly improve their health by simply reducing the toxic load on their body. www.livinghealthiernow.com

Iíve also recently been exposed to a variety of energy medicine and healing methods that have produced amazing results. For example, while I was getting certified in The Emotion Code energy work, I lowered my total cholesterol by 25%, my LDL (bad cholesterol) by 31% and my very bad cholesterol called LP (a) by 73% in just 3 ½ months! The doctor was amazed.

Iíve learned more about the body as energy, intelligence and healing. The body is in a constant state of transformation, repair and regeneration. Give the body the tools it needs and it is designed to do amazing things. Most of your body is new within 12 months! Why does my damaged hip joint produce another damaged hip instead of a new perfect hip? I feel strongly there must be a way to alter the programming of that cell memory back to a perfect state. I believe God gave me these challenges as a way to explore a variety of modalities and then share my results with others.

The Heal Yourself Challenge will last 12 months for me (and maybe you too). Iíll be sharing the things that Iím currently doing that have enabled me to still ski and golf despite my hip. However, Iím not happy with just surviving on this hip and delaying surgery for a few years. Iím going to be regularly implementing energy work, life style changes (dreading some of those), direct current technology, retraining the hip muscles, exercise, diet, meditation, stem cells, supplementation, detoxification, prayer, research and a variety of other things I have not learned yet. Iíll share my progress and struggles with all of it.

At the end of the 12 months, Iíll get my blood work done again, after pictures taken, compare range of motion and pain, and a new x-ray on my hip. Although I wonít be able to pin-point a single modality that made the biggest difference, I know the results will be fascinating and applicable to so many others with a variety of health challenges.

Want to join me on this quest for better health without first turning to drugs and surgery? Check with your doctor first and along with way. This will not be a substitute for medical advice of a licensed physician. It will be an interactive journey with others who have been there - done that as well as those along the same pathway of repair and healing. I havenít figured it all out yet, but might do updates on You Tube, a blog, articles for Chat, Chew and Chocolate and Living Healthier Now, plus an interactive feature for everyone to share their wisdom and experiences. Check www.livinghealthiernow.com for updates.





 Living Healthier Now and the Heal Yourself Challenge do not claim to diagnose, treat or cure any condition or symptom. Always work with your medical team to make the best choices for your given situation.

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