Cell Phones and Electromagnetic Field/Radiation - Important information to know now!

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Electromagnetic fields from cell phones are estimated to penetrate the brain especially in children. (Figure 1.)

Figure 1. Model estimate of the absorption of electromagnetic radiation from a cell phone based on age (Frequency GSM 900 Mhz) (On the right, color scale showing the Specific Absorption Rate in W/kg) 1

Cell Phones, WiFi, computers, and all the other great technologies that have made our lives easier are not going away. However, there are mounting concerns over the safety of these devices, especially with long term and high volume use. The concerns are not with the thermal heating, but rather with numerous biological changes that take place typically as a result of the information carrying radio waves. Even if you got rid of your cell phone, there is virtually no escaping our wireless world (90% of the world).  Learn how to minimize your exposure and about patented technologies currently available. Check out the information for yourself with the Quick Link Resources. Read the summary article below to get a solid overview of the latest information.

Important Article on Tips to Limit Exposure

Top Precautionary Tips to Limit Your EMR exposure - critical article to read.

New - Electrosmog and it's impact on your Health - it is not just about cell phones!

The Problem: Information carrying radiowaves are everywhere and your cells go into a protective stress response.

Details of the problem and links to articles and studies

The Solution:

Technologies for safer cell phone/EMF device usage exist.       Order Now!
Just as improvements have made cars safer, why not take advantage of a patented technology (Molecular Resonance Effect Technology) and a proprietary technology ERT (Energy Resonance Technology)?  Learn more about the technologies and the wide array of products at Gia Wellness. The website shows you various options for purchasing at a discount. Any questions, please contact me. My desire is to get people the information they need and any technologies they desire at the lowest price.

Learn about the Cell Guard, Universal Guard, Hands Free Headset, Home Harmonizer, Energy Resonance Technology Pendants, Smart Strips, Cellular Nutrition, Optimal Hydration and more. Testimonials too!

The Validation:

Learn about the independent validation studies of the patented MRET technology and the proprietary ERT technology that form the GIAPlex technology.

Wake Up Call - 60 Minute Report (Australia) on new research stating cell phones are the biggest public health risk since tobacco. After 10 years of cell phone use, the risk of brain tumors double (conservative).

Are Cell Phones Really Safe for Your Kids? - great TV news clip from Canada

French Government Bans Advertising Mobile Phones to Kids - Click article title under News and Events - 1/09 - bold step taken by France

Solution for EMF from Cell Phones, Headsets, Computers, Appliances and more - MRET technology explained

MRET Technology Research Highlights - very visual illustrations to show this patented technology works

Green Technology Presentation - Click Green Tech Webinar under News and Events: Highlights everything from the history, problem, impacts on the body, patented technology solution MRET/ERT, other support products, and even the business opportunity for those who are intrigued.

Quick Links:

Research, articles, TV shows, documentaries and more - over 20 links to recent information

New Study Reveals What Cell Phones are Doing to Your Brain - Learn how cell phones are significantly elevating the glucose metabolism in the area near the antenna.

Cell Phone Use and Tumors: What the Science Says 9/08 US Congressional Hearing Dr. Herberman's and Dr. Carpenter's testimony and research is especially interesting and concerning. The cell phone industry declined to be present at the hearing.

Letter to the FCC from the US Congressional Subcommittee on Cell Phone Safety - November 2008, critical information on the inadequacy of the studies the FCC has used in the past to set the radiation limits (study parameters include 6 ft. tall men, only thermal heating versus non-thermal biological impacts, lack of erring on the side of caution)

More Thermographic Images Showing Changes with 15 minutes of Cell Phone Use After the Article

Mobile Phone Radiation: Is it Safe or Not? Interview with Professor Olle Johansson

Cell Phones Endanger Children

Electromagnetic Pollution – What you must know now!

As I was doing research for my article on Environment Concerns and the Impact on our Health, I realized I did not know the latest and greatest information on electromagnetic fields (EMFs), cell phones and electropollution. However, the research and reflection I’ve done in the past two weeks made it an obvious choice for this month.

It is estimated that we live in a world with 100 million times the radiation than what our grandparents lived in. While cell phones are a big concern, there are numerous other sources of electromagnetic fields/radiation. Think about the computers, monitors, laptops, gaming systems, iPods, DVD players, headsets, WiFi and other devices and technologies that make our lives easier. Now think about your home and appliances - digital cordless phones, microwave ovens, hair dryers, plasma screens, induction hotplates and vacuum cleaners are some of the worse EMF offenders.

Go to www.antennasearch.com to learn how many towers and antennas are within a 4 mile radius of where you live and work. It is very eye opening. There are 92 towers and 928 antennas within a 3 mile radius of my in-laws house in Columbus Ohio. Interestingly, my father-in-law died last month of lymphoma and brain cancer. The end result is it does not matter if you personally own or use a cell phone, because you are constantly surrounded by these Information Carrying Radio Waves (carrying voice, text and graphics) plus a sea of cell phone users and WiFi everywhere you go. New towers and antennas are added constantly. Currently, 80% of the entire planet is connected to the internet.

The real growth of the cell phone industry has happened in the last 10 years. How many adults don’t have a cell phone? Even my 74 year old Dad has a cell phone. Are there any teenagers who are not constantly on their cell phones, game systems, computers or iPods? The fastest growing population of kids with cell phones is 8-12 year olds (over 40%). Swedish research presented at the September 2008 EMF & Health: A Global Issue conference showed a 500% increase in brain tumors in children.[1]

What we can’t see can hurt us. Well-known doctor and author Dr. Andrew Weil states “Electromagnetic pollution (EMF) may be the most significant form of pollution human activity has produced this century, all the more dangerous because it is invisible and insensible”. There are hundreds of studies that show what happens to our bodies when exposed to these information and background carrying radio waves. Since these waves have not existed in nature before, our cells perceive it as a danger. Basically when a cell is exposed to the radiation, the cell membrane hardens to protect the cell. As a result, nutrients cannot get in and toxins cannot get out. It also disrupts the vital communication between cells. This physiological damage to the cell results in free radical damage, genetic mutations, loss of cellular energy, premature aging and degenerative disease.[2]

Recent studies confirm that EMFs can cause:

·          Blood-brain barrier to open to viruses and toxins

·          Blood cells to leak hemoglobin

·          Memory loss and mental confusion

·          Headaches and fatigue

·          Joint pain and muscle spasms

·          Burning sensation and rashes

·          Sleep impairment and brain’s electrical activity impairment

·          Cataracts, retinal damage, and eye cancer

·          Reduction in the number and efficiency of white blood cells

·          Digestive problems

·          Elevated bad cholesterol levels

·          Ringing in the ears and impair sense of smell

·          Stress to the endocrine system – pancreas, thyroid, ovaries and testes[3]

·          Decreased sperm counts

·          And more.[4]

Ultimately, EMFs impact our immune system, enzyme synthesis, endocrine system, nervous system, plus learning, mood and behavioral patterns. 1

Children should not be allowed to use digital cordless phones or cells phones for a variety of reasons:

·          Developing brains absorb microwaves at 3.3 times the rate of adults.

·          A two-minute call alters the electrical activity of the brain for up to an hour afterwards.

·          Rapidly dividing cells are more susceptible to genetic damage.

·          Disturbed brain activity could lead to psychiatric and behavioral problems or impair learning ability.[5]

·          There is no long-term data on the safety of these devices let alone using them over the course of a lifetime.

Granted, there are numerous studies (often funded by the cell phone industry) that say there is still no conclusive evidence that the cell phones cause cancer or other health problems. However, several countries including Britain, Germany, France, Belgium, Italy and Russia, have all advised children, teenagers and pregnant women, to refrain from using cell phones out of health concerns.[6]

Spend some time reviewing the documents from US Congressional Hearings on Cell Phone Safety on September 25, 2008. Dr. Herberman, a noted cancer researcher testified on the studies and evidence he reviewed. The studies that stated there were no concerns were outdated, did not include long-term cell phone users, had methodological concerns, did not inquire about cordless phone use, and defined regular use as “once a week” which is not a reality today.[7]

His conclusion was “From my careful review of the evidence, I cannot tell you conclusively that phones cause cancer or other diseases. But, I can tell you that there are published peer reviewed studies that have led me to suspect that long term cell phone use may cause cancer. It should be noted in this regard that worldwide, there are 3 billion regular cell phone users, including a rapidly growing number of children. If we wait until the human evidence is irrefutable and then act, an extraordinarily large number of people will have been exposed to a technology that has never really been shown to be safe. In my opinion, for public health, when there is some evidence of harm and the exposed group is very large, it makes sense to urge caution. This is why I issued advice to our faculty and staff, especially to take precautions to reduce cell phone RF exposures to children.”[8] http://domesticpolicy.oversight.house.gov/documents/20080925142803.pdf

Also, continued research on the potential dangers associated with cell antenna electromagnetic emissions is still needed. The US standard for cell towers is currently set at (580 µW/cm2)—which is more than a 50 times higher than that of many other nations.[9]

In a nutshell, an independent study by Dr. Lennart Hardell states you have a higher risk of tumors based on your cumulative hours of use, the radiated power of the phone, number of years you’ve used a cell phone, the cumulative number of calls, and how young you are when you start.

Cell phones and the other technologies are not going away. Therefore, we just have to be smarter when we use them. Watch for the next article which will outline numerous tips. Luckily, there is a patented and proprietary technology that can minimize our risks with BioPro Technologies.

[1] Mobile phone use ‘raises children’s risk of brain cancer fivefold’ Alarming new research from Sweden on the effects of radiation raises fears that today's youngsters face an epidemic of the disease in later life, Geoffrey Lean, Environment Editor for The Independent, Sunday September 21, 2008


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Cell Phone and EMF Safety Tips - Be sure to read this article
Contains immediate suggestions to minimize your exposure to electropollution. Don't wait. Do it now and make sure your kids know too.

For more details on what these Information Carrying Radio Waves do to your body and how the Gia Wellness's Cell Guard works, visit the website. This is the only company I found that has both patented and proprietary technologies to address the problem of electromagnetic pollution.

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Thermographic Imaging Test

Radiation emitted by cell phones heats up human tissue

Dangerous Radiation:
Research studies from around the world have illustrated that cell phones carry the potential for radiation exposure, creating a myriad of possible health hazards. One such hazard is that microwave radiation emitted by cell-phones has the potential to heat up human tissue in the area of our head where the phone is pressed against. This thermal (heating) effect can cause headaches, fatigue, tissue swelling, tingling and other severe potentially long-term damages.

click for larger image

The impact of the Gia Wellness Cell Guard:
To illustrate that
Gia Wellness' groundbreaking EMF-Harmonization technology (i.e. the Gia Wellness Cell Guard) not only measurably avoids the stress-response otherwise present when you are exposed to harmful EMF-radiation but the chips also have the ability to avoid the thermal (heating) effect described above, state-of-the-art Thermographic Imaging was used to illustrate the effectiveness of the Gia Wellness technology in harmonizing dangerous radiation. Clinical thermography is a non-invasive, diagnostic

click for larger image

imaging procedure involving the detection and recording of a patient's skin surface thermal patterns, using instruments which can provide visual and quantitative documentation of these temperature measurements. The interpretation of these temperatures and thermal patterns can be important in the development of diagnostic impression.

Thermography Testing Details:
The testing Protocol followed the IACT (International Academy of Clinical Thermology) technique and guidelines. The digital infrared imaging was performed with the Flexi-Therm Mark V Telethermographic System. The thermal window used was 10 degrees Celcius with each color on the color bar representing 1 degree Celcius. The ambient room temperature remained at 20 degrees Celcius throughout the test. A 15 minute equilibration period was used. The purpose of the testing was to determine if there is a change in infrared emission of the body part near a cellular phone with and without the
Gia Wellness EMF-Harmonization Chips in place.

As the images below clearly illustrate, when
Gia Wellness Cell Guards are applied to a cell-phone, a distinct lessening of the potentially hazardous heat transfer to a cell phone user's head can be observed when compared to using a cell phone without the Gia Wellness technology on it.

Your head and brain heat up significantly when you talk on your cell phone or cordless phone. Want proof? After 15 minutes of using a cell phone, the orange, red and pink show significant dangerous heat! Most heat is generated in your ear canal, which is directly connected to your brain!

click for larger image

After 15 minutes of using a cell-phone with the BIOPRO Harmonization Chips applied to it, the green and blue color show cool tissue! Your head's temperature remains normal, providing you with the protection you deserve!

click for larger image

1 Gandhi, O.P.G. Lazzi, and C.M. Furse, Electromagnetic Absorption in the Human Head and Neck for Cell Telephones at 835 and 1900 MHz. IEEE Transactions on Microwave Theory and Techniques, 1996. 44(10): p. 1884-1897.





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