Toxic Overload - Health Challenges from our Environment Plus Toxic Tips


Think back 20, 30, 40, even 50 years ago. If you are too young, ask someone.   What were the major health challenges back then?  How often did you hear about cancer, diabetes, asthma, autism, arthritis, Alzheimer's disease, fibromyalgia, chronic fatigue, ADD/ADHD, insomnia, and more? Things have definitely changed over the years.


Your body is an amazing machine.   It is designed to process toxins that enter the body through the air, food and drink you ingest, and through your skin.   Your kidneys, liver, lungs, lymphatic system, blood, bowel and skin all have roles in transporting and eliminating toxins.


Today there are more toxins in the environment than ever before and it creates a toxic load on our systems.   It's not surprising there are so many health problems when 4 billion pounds of toxic chemicals are produced annually and over 20,000 new chemicals are created each year.   Human fat tissue sampled in the United States has shown 700 chemical contaminants that have not been chemically identified.[i]   Of 287 chemicals detected in an umbilical cord blood, 180 cause cancers in humans or animals, 217 are toxic to the brain and nervous system and 208 cause birth defects or abnormal development in animal tests.[ii]


Ways Toxins and Radiation Get Into and Impact Our Bodies


Outdoor Air Pollution


Toxic air pollution contains substances which are known or suspected to cause cancer, genetic mutation, birth defects and other serious illnesses in people even at relatively low exposure levels. Millions of pounds of these chemicals are emitted into the air every year by motor vehicles, from various industries and from power plants.[iii]   "Red air" alerts warn people to stay inside, but indoor air isn't necessarily better.


Indoor Air Pollution


According to the U.S. Environmental Protection Agency, air within a home can be more polluted than outdoor air in the largest cities.   Consider all the cleaning products, aerosols, paint, carpet, molds, mildew, building materials, air conditioning/heating, fireplaces, cooking fumes, perfumes/cosmetics, radon, and asbestos found in and around the home.   Homes are sealed tightly for energy efficiency, so pollutants become trapped.   Since 1980, the number of people diagnosed with asthma has more than doubled.   Air filtration is necessary, but some air filtration systems create ozone which is damaging to the lungs.


Air Power 5 Technology

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What's in your water? You probably don't want to know - pharmaceuticals, pesticides, fertilizers, human and animal waste, bacteria, rocket fuel, and more.   Bottled water is not the answer, especially for our environment.


PiMag and Optimized Water Technologies

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Pesticides, fertilizers, and more are found in our foods.   In addition, many foods are highly processed and genetically modified with chemicals and preservatives.   When food is cooked, it is oxidized, which creates free radicals.


Cleaning Products


A clean house is a healthy house, right? Not necessarily. Many cleaners are highly toxic and are absorbed through the air and skin.


Overview of some common cleaning and personal products you use right now - How safe are they?

Safer Cleaning Products - Melaleuca

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Skin Care


Unfortunately, the skin care industry is not regulated and often we are putting dangerous chemicals on our skin. Further, what is on the label is not regulated.. Only skin care products labeled Certified Organic are truly organic.  Many manufacturers introduce a very small amount of matter from nature into their products, thereby declaring the product is natural or organic. When I compared the Toxic Tip 12 list to the items under my sink, I was amazed. The kid shampoo had 6 ingredients on the toxic list. All of my former "botanical" skin care had 2-6 ingredients in each product. Everything (except the EcoCert certified True Elements skin care) had an average of 2 toxic ingredients.


Vitamins and Supplements


Vitamins and supplements taken for health can actually adversely impact your health.     Fish from polluted waters might be used in producing Omega fish oils.   In addition, substances used to bind vitamins together can be very unhealthy - propylene glycol (ingredient in anti-freeze), sodium laurel sulfate (foaming agent in shampoo), aluminum silicate (talc) and sodium benzoate (preservative) to name a few.


Electromagnetic Fields/Radiation


Electromagnetic fields (EMFs) are a type of low-level radiation generated when electric currents flow through wire coils (monitors/TVs, fluorescent lights, electronic devices, appliances, wireless networks and more).   As we use more electronic devices, researchers suspect EMFs are contributing to a constant assault on our immune systems and overall health.[iv]


Gia Wellness Patented Technologies for Electropollution

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Cell Phones


Cell phones and cell phone towers are sources of radio frequency (RF) radiation - an invisible form of pollution. Thermographic images show changes in tissue temperature when a cell phone is held to the head. Kinesiology strength testing shows people get much weaker when they are simply holding a cell phone. Research studies showing the long-term effects of constant doses of radiation are just starting to appear, especially in regard to neurological problems.   Numerous sources stress how dangerous cell phones are for children with their developing brains and skeletal structure.

Fortunately, there is a patented and proprietary technology that helps with the problems and dangers of the EMF radiation from a variety of sources. See the information on BioPro's MRET and ERT products.


BioPro MRET Patented and ERT Technology Solution for Cell Phones, Blue Tooth, PDAs, computers and more

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Research on Patented MRET Molecular Resonance Effect Technology


If crawling in a cave is not a reasonable option, what can we do to minimize our risks and improve our health?   Over the next few months, we will explore each of these topics in more detail with the goal for you to become a more knowledgeable consumer and an environmental advocate.

1.       Increase the toxins coming out of your body:

         Total Body Applicator:

The Total Body Applicator helps pull toxins out of the fat cells which often results in measurable results (often in just one wrap). It also increases microcirculation in the area too. It continues to work for up to 72 hours. Definitely drink lots of water during this time. Try to drink Ĺ your body weight in ounces and make sure it is good water! No sense in adding extra toxins. Series of wraps is best (one every 3 days). Huge difference in my colonic results.

         Itís Regular:

Use Itís Regular to improve the function of your bowels. Key in helping remove waste. Fiber is also a good thing to increase in your diet or to supplement.


So important to overall health and detox that it is worth mentioning again. Use a good bioavailable water that can get into the cells to help flush out toxins.


Great way to help remove decades of buildup and get your intestines functioning well again. Improvements in health and weight often result. The Total Body Applicator series was a turning point in my colonics. Increase fiber to help move toxins out faster. Contact Melanee for more info 303-668-3928.

      Deep Breathing:

     Helps one of your big detox organs function more effectively. Good for relaxation too.

         Dry Brushing:

Using a dry brush on your skin helps your skin and lymphatic system function better. Toe raises will also help your lymphatic system.

         Young Barley Grass: Perfect for nutrition, improving alkalinity and helping with detoxifying the body. If you are not losing weight, consider adding Itís Greens or Jade Greenzymes to your diet. Sometimes that is all it takes to get the scale moving in the right direction. Regardless, it is good for your overall health as disease and cancer cannot thrive in an alkaline environment.

         Ionic Foot baths: Use frequency and salt to draw toxins out of your feet. Careful -Foot pads have less than good reviews.

         Infrared Saunas: Great for your health and detox.

         Exercise: Great for all around detox and health. Gets your blood and lymph flowing plus sweat!

         Easy Liver Detox: Each March and September, do the following easy liver cleanse each morning before you eat, drink or even brush your teeth. Blend up 1 garlic clove, the juice of 1 lemon, and one tablespoon of extra virgin olive oil. Drink it and wait at least 30 minutes before eating, drinking or brushing your teeth. Do it for 5 days in a row.

Other things that can improve your health Ė call or email me for more info:

         Alkalinity: Cancer and disease cannot thrive in an alkaline and oxygenated environment. You can improve your alkalinity (Americans have a very acidic diet) by what you eat, what you drink and what you think! Itís Greens or Jade Greenzymes are two great ways to improve your alkalinity and give great nutrition too.

         Boost your immune system with Pre and Probiotics Ė 70-80% of your immune system is in your digestive system and often we donít have enough good gut flora to help with absorption and immune function.

         Organic whole foods supplementation (versus lab created). Your body knows what to do with food. Quality counts Ė cheaper ones have binders that you donít want in your body (wax, sawdust, soap, etc) plus donít break down well.

         Antioxidants: Decrease cancer and disease risk by increasing antioxidants in your body. They help fight free radicals. Vitatonic is a natural juice that has the highest ORAC value around  50,500!

         Great Sleep: Get at least 7-8 hours of deep restorative sleep. So many people struggle with the ability to sleep and it is critical to the body repairing itself. Natural high tech sleep systems can make a big difference in quality of sleep.

         Fitness shoes: Weighted fitness shoes enables you to burn more calories and tone your body while you go about your daily activities. A 30 minute walk = 300 calories. Perfect for the person who wants to lose weight/tone with no time to exercise.

         Magnetic and infrared technologies that can help with a variety of aches and pains that comes from age and work. Seat cushions, various wraps, spot magnets, bracelets and more can keep you active and feeling good.

         Bone Health: If you know someone on drugs to increase bone density, encourage them to Google it. There are so many negative side effects. Let them know there is an all natural solution that has tons of side benefits.

         Take charge of your emotional health. Trapped emotional energy can impact you physically and emotionally. The Emotion Code is a simple technique to release trapped emotions that can have immediate results. Works on people and animals often with amazing results. In 3 Ĺ months, my cholesterol was down 25%, my LDL down 31%, and my LP (a) down 73%. Now I donít have to take the statins they wanted to put me on!

         Heal Yourself Challenge Ė follow me as I heal bone on bone arthritis in my hip and avoid a total hip replacement at 45 and lower my cholesterol and triglycerides. 98% of cells are new each year and my body used to know how to form a perfect hip. Blog and YouTube videos coming soon


Anti-Aging Tips: All of the above plus eating less, continuing to learn, maintaining a spiritual foundation, connecting with others, eating healthy (stay away from processed foods Ė eat more raw fruits and veggies!), etc.

Parasites: 95% of people have them. Cause a multitude of health problems by impacting tissues and organs in the body. Linked with arthritis, MS, appendicitis, weight problems, cancer and epilepsy. Impacts your immune and digestive system. Get in via water, food you eat, walking barefoot, through skin, undercooked meats, feces, sushi, insects, animals, etc. Decrease them via herbs, minimize meds, wear shoes, take shoes off in house, donít sleep with pets, avoid mosquitoes, more fiber, drink Ĺ body weight in good water, colonics, better diet (less processed foods and sugars).

         And so much moreÖ..

Articles to make you a better consumer are available on I can give you the info on the products and technologies that Iíve chosen to use on my family as well as how to get them at the best price.

Contact Susan Trost, Wellness Facilitator and Energy Work including the Emotion Code, Solid State Technologies, and the BARS. Coming Soon Ė The Body Code

 720-308-4089 for articles, TV show, research, tips and more for improving your health for Total Body Applicator and other detox and health products for environmental (air/water), sleep, natural technologies (magnetics, infrared, negative ions), organic skin care and nutrition plus Bone Health for patented technologies (cell chips, pendants, etc.) to help you survive in the high tech world


[i] Onstot, J. et al. "Characterization of HRCG/MS unidentified peaks from the analysis of human adipose tissue." Vol 1. Technical Approach, US EPA Office of Toxic Substances (560/8-87-002a); 1987.

[ii] Environmental Working Group, "Body Burden - Pollution in Newborns", 2005.

[iii] American Lung Association, "Nature and Sources of Pollutants"

[iv] Alternative Medicine Magazine, "Countdown to Sleep", Nov/Dec 2007





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