Environmental Pollution, Toxins, Technologies, Solutions and Research


American Lung Association Lots of great information on the various types of pollution and the health impacts.

Air...ing the Truth about Indoor and Outdoor Air Pollution Outlines some scary but important facts and figures.

Healthy House Building, remodeling or maintaining a home. Critical information you need to know to reduce the toxins in your environment before, during and after. Also, touches on chemicals in your home. Hosted by the American Lung Association.

US EPA's Guide to Indoor Air Quality Fantastic article to help you understand the types of indoor airpollution and what to do about it.

Generation and Behavior of Airbourne Particles Detailed, but not too technical information on airbourne particles and how they impact your body. Centers for Disease Control.

Children's Health Environmental Coalition Healthy House Fantastic resource on your household environment and the impact on your kids. Take a Healthy Home quiz too as well as check out the Top 10 List.


Helping Autistic Children Sleep Better Article
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Autism Testimonials Article

Additional Autism Testimonials

EMFs (Electromagnetic fields) and Cell Phone Radiation

Technology Solutions and Supporting Research

BioPro Technologies Check out the patented MRET technology and the proprietary ERT technologies designed to help with the problem of invisible electropollution. Learn how to make your cell phone, BlueTooth, computer, electronic devices, car, appliances and home safer.

FAQs: Cell Phones, EMFs and BioPro Cell Chips

Check out this collection of research. It touches on the health implications of EMFs and cell phone use in relation to sleep problems, autism, cellular damage and more.

EMF Solutions - explanation of how M-RET works to protect you

Research Institute for Applied Bioenergetics- Peer-Reviewed Research Library on both MRET and ERT technology solutions

Recent Articles, Research, and TV Clips - more clips on the Cell/EMF Safety tab page

There is also a video of the Hearing you can watch too. Be sure to look at the testimony from Dr. Herberman. He has released a statement to his staff advising them to limit cell phone usage as well as giving recommendation on how to use them more safely.

Letter to the FCC from the US Congressional Subcommittee on Cell Phone Safety - 11/08 critical info on the inadequacy of the studies the FCC has used in the past to set the radiation limits (6 ft tall men, only looked at thermal heating versus non-thermal biological impacts, do not err on the side of caution)

News Report on Cell Phone Dangers "Russian Roulette" features Dr. David Carpenter. Important info especially dealing with children.

News Report "Are Cell Phones Really Safe for Your Kids?"
Why isn't Canada taking an advisory stand like so many other countries? How are kids using phones today?

Cell Phone Radiation Levels - See the SAR (specific absorption rate) for your cell phone. It measures the quantity of radio frequency energy that is absorbed into your body.
Fantastic article that gives the top 10 Cell Phone Precautions.

Is Ted Kennedy's Cancer Linked to Cell Phone Use?

Watch this Larry King Interview of a panel of experts regarding the latest info and research on cell phones.

Electromagnetic Smog
Informative site with safety tips, research, latest news, TV clips and more.
Checklist of ways to improve your health not only by minimizing the EMF exposure, but also through better nutrition and other methods.
Good selection of reports on cell phones, EMFs, safety concerns and more

Collection of Research on the Dangers of EMFs
Articles and research over the years pointing to a variety of health concerns.
Microwave News: A Report on Non-ionizing Radiation is a great resource website that is "meticulously researched and thoroughly documented" according to Time magazine.
University of Pittsburgh Cancer Institute
Lots of great articles, research and information.
Mobile Phones more Dangerous than Smoking
Mobile Phone Use Raises Children's Risk of Brain Cancer Fivefold
Scientists claim radiation from handsets are to blame for mysterious 'colony collapse' of bees
Articles by Dr. Sherrill Sellman
Many insightful articles on a variety of health topics. Several focus on the dangers and implications of electromagnetic radiation's impact on the body.

Cleaning Products

Household Products Database  Look up the products you have in your house right now. Learn how safe they are, what ingredients they contain, potential health risks, and how to use it as safely as possible. By the US Department of Health and Human Services.

Personal Care Products

The average person uses 9 separate products with 126 chemical ingredients every day according to Skin Deep. What you put on your skin quickly ends up in your bloodstream. The FDA does not require testing before products go to market. Unfortunately, the personal care industry is not well regulated and marketing claims are often false. Typical claims include organic, natural, hypoallergenic, animal cruelty free, and fragrance free. Read the ingredient label carefully to find evidence that the claims are true. Dangerous ingredients include talc, parabens, mercury, lead, phthalates, petroleum byproducts, nanoparticles, fragrances, hydroquinone and more. Look for Certified Organic Skin Care products that are certified by an outside agency.

www.cosmeticsdatabase.com is a great resource. Share this site with every pregnant woman you know. It details products and what their ingredients are linked to (cancer, developmental/reproductive toxicity, violations, restrictions, warnings, allergies, immunotoxicity and more).


Water Cure Your body is mostly water, yet we struggle to drink enough water. Dr. Batmanghelidj believes chronic dehydration is the cause for many chronic conditions and adequate hydration should be the first step in healing.





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