Want to look great in 2011? Want to fit into that dress? Want to detoxify and lose inches? Want to keep from gaining the traditional 5 pounds each year? Want to find something that can target inch loss and skin tone improvement in a specific area? Discover great products that can help men and women look and feel better.


The Ultimate Applicator is herbal applicator that helps get toxins out of fat cells. You can lose inches, tighten loose skin, cellulite and hit problem spots – abdomen, thighs, face, neck and arms for men and women. Our environment is increasingly toxic – air, water, cleaning products, homes, personal care products, electropollution and more.

You know my commitment to educating people on environmental toxins and their impact on their health. Many toxins wind up in your fat cells. I just found a way to help get them out of fat cells and you will likely lose inches in the process. Great for cellulite and loose skin too. Naturally, I always try things on myself and my family first. The total body applicators definitely help detoxify the body (drink lots of water to help flush it out). I had a colonic like no other yesterday – major difference after doing 3 applicators (3 days apart each). During a Bio-Meridian Scan, my naturopath said “your large intestine is very happy!” Lost about 4 inches total (from 3 different abdomen measurements). My husband has lost about the same. There are also applicators for your face and neck too. Even thin people will benefit from the detox. We are so toxic with all the toxins in our air, water, furniture, homes, cleaning products, personal care products, electropollution and more. Every little step you can do to minimize the toxic load on your body and help your body effectively process toxins will make a difference in your overall health. Your body is an amazing machine designed to process toxins through a variety of channels, but we are in a toxic overload world now.

Basically, the applicator is a transdermal patch that covers all of the abdomen and extends over onto the love handles. In the patch is a formulation of 12 synergistic ingredients. You measure, then put the patch on, wrap it with saran wrap, heat it slightly with a blow dryer and then hang out for at least 45 minutes. I’d recommend keeping it on several hours (I sleep with it on). You can also put it on your arms or thighs.

It is designed to increase microcirculation, the release of toxins from fat cells (which is why 90% of people see at least ¼ - 2 inch loss in the first 45 minutes), address inflammation associated with excess toxic body fat, and open up lymph systems to help with the detox.  It will continue to work over the next 72 hours, so every few days people will want to measure themselves. Drink plenty of water during the time too to facilitate it.

There are also facial and neck applicators too. Everyone is different on their amount of fat and the amount of toxins in their bodies. Still, it is beneficial to get toxins moving out of those fat cells and out of the body for optimal health. They have seen results with tightening and toning skin plus improving cellulite.

Most people get some measurable results in 45 minutes (all depends on how toxic you are and how much you have to lose). Even after you take it off, the formulation continues to work up to 72 hours (so results typically continue to improve over the next few days). Only 5% don’t see any results from the first wrap, but most of them do after a few more wraps. Some even have a toxic bloat after the first wrap, due to stirring up the toxins. Keep drinking lots of water. Everyone is different. While we all want to lose the inches and tighten and tone, remember the detox is also critical for your health too.

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Personally, I love the Ultimate Applicators - both body and face/neck, New You 3.0 (see better definition without increasing my exercising, Greens (alkalinity can make a difference with weight loss), and Thermofit (antioxidants plus burns more calories). The Fit Works program is also great if you are trying to lose weight. Provides education and support.

Applicator Benefits: .......

Not Water Loss...Actual Fat Loss, Affordable In-Home Spa Treatment, Reduces Unsightly Fat & Cellulite, Tones, Tightens & Firms Skin, Targeted Application. Restores youthful-looking body contours, Affordable

Great for: Abs, Back, Arms, Legs, & Double Chin, too!

Body Defining Gel; a companion product to the Ultimate Applicator. Designed to hydrate, tone & firm the body’s skin. Produces immediate and progressive results. Great for cellulite prone areas! Use daily for best results!

Facial Applicator will make skin appear tighter and feel softer, smoother and revitalized. Softens lines and wrinkles. Improves skin elasticity. Works in 45 minutes. Alternative to painful surgery. Continuously hydrates for fresher, more luminous skin.

With the Ultimate Body Applicator, results are progressive. With each treatment clients are more pleased with their results. Skin will look and feel smoother, younger, more toned and tightened. A once a week application is recommended for continuous, progressive results. The more consistent and diligent a person is, the better the results!

Additional products are available to help the body increase metabolic activity, suppress the appetite, reduce fat and carbohydrate intake, look younger and detox.

Active Ingredients: 12 Natural Herbs including Green Tea, Ivy, Menthol, Rosemary, Eucalyptus, & Seaweed. Known benefits of the herbs: increases skin

elasticity, tightens skin, tones, anti-inflammatory, moisturizes, stimulates metabolic process, detoxes and more!

Easy to use:

Mark and measure the target area - 3 measurements; Open the package, remove and unfold the Ultimate Applicator; Apply applicator with lotion side to skin;

Secure applicator with spandex clothing, ace bandage or plastic wrap; Wear the applicator for just 45 minutes - minimum; Remove the applicator and discard. Massage in remaining lotion. Remeasure and enjoy the inch loss! The tape measure doesn’t lie!






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