Life Stressors
Healthier Living Means not being stressed out. Stress has a huge impact on your health, life and immune system. As I toyed with the idea of whether I should include this information on the website or not, I realized that it definitely accomplishes the goal of improving people's lives and health. It is something that I've been passionate about educating people on for years.

Identity Theft

As a Certified Identity Theft Risk Management Specialist, I've written a series of articles that is designed to educate the consumer on how to minimize their risk as well as how to be an informed consumer when comparison shopping ID Theft Services.

Identity Theft - Think you are not at risk? The more you know - the better!

Identity Theft - Proactive Steps to Take NOW!

Identity Theft - How to Comparison Shop ID Theft Services

The best service I've found in my research is the ID Theft Shield - Gold offered through Pre-Paid Legal Services. It goes beyond the continuous monitoring and actually provides true restoration service (a licensed investigator working on your behalf versus a person at a call center telling you what to do). The pricing is great too since it covers you and your spouse/significant other.

Pre-Paid Legal Services



I've been a member of Pre-Paid Legal Services for 6 years and it has easily saved me over $18,000. Plus, it is difficult to put a price on the time, aggravation, and potential losses by knowing my rights and practicing preventive law versus reactive law. There are great plans for individuals/families, small business owners, home-based business owners, self employed, realtors, foster parents, law officers and more.

The small business plans even include unlimited business questions with business experts. That feature alone saves me so much time per month. I don't have to know it all when I have a team of legal and business experts within reach. Best of all, I'm not making a financial decision every time I have a question. Plans start as low as $17 per month, plus you don't have to wait until something goes wrong to get the value out of the membership. Visit for a quick overview. If you are interested in the business opportunity visit

Visit for details on all the plan options or to enroll.





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