MRET (Molecular Resonance Effect Technology) and ERT (Energy Resonance Technology) Research

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Highlights of MRET Research
MRET Research Synopsis

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MRET technology is found in the BioPro Cell Chip and Universal Chip along with the proprietary ERT technology.

Live Blood Analysis
Live blood microscopy study shows the effects of EMR on the blood formation and how the installation of BIOPRO Cell Chip with proprietary patentedMRET-Shield technology on a cellular phone results in blood normalization. 

EEG Tests
Brainwave study shows installation of proprietary patented MRET-Shield technology protection on the cellular phone synchronizes and slows down the brain function frequencies similar to normal mode of brain function, neutralizing the electromagnetic stress and excitement caused by the EMR. 

Cranial Nerve Cell Test
This test was conducted to verify the immune system reactions to the exposure of human subjects to different sources of electromagnetic radiation with, and without, MRET-Shield technology protection. 

3D-MRA Test
The MRA (Magnetic Resonance Angiography) angiograms show the substantial negative effect of cellular phone radiation on the state of blood vessels in all parts of the brain. They also reveal that the installation of MRET-Shield on cellular phone compensates for this negative effect and helps to maintain the blood vessels of the brain in good state. 

Testing on Plant Seeds, Beans and Yeast
Samples of plant seeds, beans, and yeast microorganisms were placed in close proximity to cellular phones operating in stand by mode. Based on the results, it is reasonable to conclude that the installation of MRET-Shield on cell phone can protect living cells against harmful, suppressive effects of EMR.

Comparative Study of the Effect of MW Radiation Neutralizers
This research shows there are statistically significant changes in the physiological state of the human subjects after 5 minutes of exposure to the mobile phone radiation. The installation of MRET-Shield on the mobile phone significantly reduces the level of changes in the physiological state and makes them insignificant, something which all other tested neutralizers failed to do. 

Energy Resonance Technology - in BioLife Pendant and in the Cell Phone and Universal Chips

Meridian Stress Assessment Testing (MSAS)
Study Purpose: To test the weakening and /or compensation of electromagnetic cell phone radiation on 7 key body (energy) systems when using the BIOPRO Cell Chip. The testing equipment used to conduct the study was Biomeridian MSAS Professional (FDA Registered, ISO Certified).

Clinical Thermography test
Microwave radiation emitted by cell-phones has the potential to heat up human tissue in the area of our head where the phone is pressed against. This thermal (heating) effect can cause headaches, fatigue, tissue swelling, tingling and other severe potential long-term damages. Clinical Thermography Associates - USA

Stress Response Human & Energy Levels
When being exposed to EMFs emitted by a cell-phone that does not carry the BIOPRO Cell Chip, the body's energy level is pushed into unhealthy ranges and a significant stress response can be observed within minutes of starting to use the phone. Germany, Europe






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